Learning How to Help Children in Cuba

For the past few years, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has been discovering how to help children in Cuba overcome unjust odds. Children should not have to live lives of fear and repression. Through a variety of initiatives, FHRC has been able to support Cuban children’s rights to fun and learning. Many Cuban families suffer injustices at the hand of their oppressive leadership and Cuban children do not go unaffected.

One specific way FHRC has learned how to help children in Cuba is by partnering with Cuban activists. The Ladies in White is a group of female relatives of former political prisoners who work throughout the island to spread awareness and fight injustice. For the past couple of years, The Ladies in White have held special celebrations for children on January 6th, the Three Kings Day. With the help of FHRC, The Ladies in White collect toys and donations to purchase goodies like cakes and soda to distribute to the kids. Many of these donations come from Cuban exiles living in Florida.how to help children in Cuba

This year these celebrations continued despite efforts from the government to intimidate activist leaders in a variety of communities by raids and theft. In the cities of Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio, and Villa Clara parties were thrown for children that featured goodies and entertainment from local clowns..

Helping Children in Cuba Grow and Learn

Another recent program by FHRC in conjunction with Miami Dade College has provided an incredible opportunity for a group of young Cubans to learn and experience a bit of American culture. Somos un Solo Pueblo is a program that is helping Cubans discover how to become outstanding leaders and thinkers. These young people are taking courses in Florida on technology, leadership, speech and more that will equip them to start activist groups and initiate change back at home.

If you have been interested in learning how to help children in Cuba, FHRC has several ways for you to make a difference. Simply by donating you will be supporting our initiatives around the island and here at home. You can specifically donate to Somos un Solo Pueblo to help support one of the participants. To learn more, please get in touch with us. You can help Cuban children live meaningful lives that will affect those around them and their country in positive and lasting ways.

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