The Cuban government fails to address the basic needs of its population and suppress citizens from expressing their voice. Cuban citizens are being devoid of the means necessary for effective engagement in democratic activities. A systematic pattern of suppressing peaceful gatherings, inhibiting free speech, and disregarding citizens’ basic needs has been the norm for the regime for many decades.


FHRCuba’s Conflict Resolution program helps Cubans understand how to organize, speak out, and resolve their immediate needs. Overall, this program empowers citizens to realize there is strength in numbers to effectively resolve conflicts.FHRCuba has established a training system available to any individual seeking instruction in conflict resolution. Classes are offered via video lesson – ensuring interested citizens can engage online or through locally distributed USB sticks.Courses include how to effectively combine the methods of conflict management with civic nonviolent resistance tactics to defend one’s rights – whether they be social, economic, or political.FHRCuba oversees a network of representatives across the island, all stationed in communities to empower other Cubans in conflict resolution. Here’s how a typical scenario occurs under the Empowering Citizens program:

    1- Identifying Conflict

    When a conflict is identified, a group leader collects signatures from all neighbors who are, or may be, affected by the conflict.

    2- Concerned Citizens Access FHRC’s Resources

    FHRC trains Cubans on the island both on and offline, on how to resolve conflicts using nonviolent resistance tactics. They also learn how to contact a local representative of the Conflict Resolution program for further information and support.

    3- FHRC Program Reps Support a Motivated Community

    A program representative investigates the legitimacy of the concern and instructs the affected citizens how to proceed within the boundaries of the law. For example, participants will begin collecting signatures from affected parties to demand an adequate response from authorities.

    4- Empowered Citizens Act

    Training materials are distributed, and people learn how to effectively come together to defend their rights. Overall, this program empowers citizens to realize there is strength in numbers to effectively resolve conflicts.


FHRCuba’s Conflict Resolution program continues to train and empower Cubans seeking to defend their inalienable rights and find solutions to problems in their community.

Total conflicts reported since the beginning of the project in January 2019 until August 2023:




Positive Results


In Progress


Your contribution is making a difference and conflicts are being resolved in Cuba.

There is no limit to the impact Cuban citizens can make with your contribution. Cubans in the island are waiting for our help.

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