About Us

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) is a 501c3 nongovernmental organization established to empower Cuban Civil Society in its struggle to build a free and democratic Cuba through nonviolent means. FHRC works on the island and internationally to hold the Cuban regime accountable for its human rights abuses against the Cuban people and its destabilizing activities abroad. FHRC regularly disseminates information and reports in Washington and abroad on the reality of the situation in Cuba, including the systematic human rights abuses and the corruption of the regime.

The FHRC is primarily focused on three objectives:

1. Cutting revenue streams that are used to repress the Cuban people
2. Supporting the Cuban People by highlighting Human Rights Violations
3. Empower civil society to bring about positive change


Our Efforts at FHRC

1. Cutting revenue streams that are used to repress the Cuban people:

– Recognize and act upon the regime’s questionable revenue sources.
– Collaborate with various governments to address concerns regarding the
regime’s illegal revenue channels.
– Worked diplomatically to reassess agreements between Cuba and
international entities.
– Highlight Cuba’s global role as an arch-ally of Russia’s criminal invasion of
Ukraine; through triangulation of resources, propaganda campaigns, and
training of frontline soldiers.

2. Supporting the Cuban People by highlighting Human Rights Violations:

– FHRC supports a landmark legal case in US Federal Court which exposes
PAHO for its role in facilitating and making money off the trafficking of Cuban
doctors. It is the first time that an international organization has not been
granted absolute immunity in US courts.
– Identifying and publicizing repressors in a permanent public database to
dissuade repressors from future violations. This database is used by US
officials to cross reference with Cuban’s applying for US visas.
– Launched a social media campaign on behalf of those (including minors)
jailed by the regime in the aftermath of July 2021 protests.
– Brought victims of Cuba’s human rights violations to Washington to meet
with U.S. policymakers
– Working with labor unions in Spain to raise awareness of the exploitation of
Cuban workers in Spanish hotels on the island.

3. Empower civil society to bring about positive change:

– Conduct empowerment trainings with leaders in civil society, focused on the
leadership necessary for the resolution of social conflicts through strategic
nonviolent means
– Run a Microcredit program which offers credits to entrepreneurs at no
interest to empower the Cuban people to prosper and be independent from
the government. We have completed over 1,200 loans with a 99% success
– Run campaigns throughout the island to empower the Cuban people to
express their opinions on issues they currently face – including gender
violence, women’s empowerment, respect of rural population, etc.
– Support political prisoners and their families with monthly remittances to
take care of their basic needs
At FHRC, we remain steadfast in our mission to secure the rights and well-being of
the Cuban people, working tirelessly across various fronts to make a difference.


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