Transnational organized crime (TOC) remains a significant global issue, and it has specific implications involving the Cuban government. Issues such as human trafficking, corruption, and the illicit triangulation of resources contribute to human rights violations that are often facilitated or perpetrated by state actors, including the Cuban regime and other authoritarian dictatorships.


Recognizing the need to critically investigate and expose the involvement of the Cuban government in TOC, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) has undertaken targeted research to develop into this complex issue. One of the landmark achievements in this line of work is the publication of an internationally recognized book – Infinite War: Faces of the New Global Conflict – focused on Cuba’s role in transnational organized crime.


FHRC’s groundbreaking work has had a transformative impact in several key areas:

Raising Awareness: By specifically focusing on the Cuban government’s involvement in TOC, FHRC’s book and associated research has helped heighten both national and international awareness of the issue. The insights derived from the research have impacted international policies and sanctions targeted at curbing the Cuban government’s involvement in TOC.

Global Collaborations: FHRC has become a center for experts worldwide who are interested in the relationship between state actions, particularly those by Cuba, and transnational organized crime. This has led to international collaborations aimed at combating state-facilitated TOC.

Civil Society Empowerment: The dissemination of FHRC’s findings has provided tools for civil society, governments, and organizations outside Cuba to better understand and counter the implications of the Cuban regime’s involvement in TOC, thereby strengthening awareness of human rights violations.

By honing in on the role of the Cuban government in transnational organized crime, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has been instrumental in not only broadening our understanding of this complex issue but also in catalyzing international efforts aimed at addressing these critical human rights concerns.


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