Cuban citizens are ill-equipped to confront daily human rights abuses.
Civil society on the island lives under a dictatorial regime where there are no basic human rights. People are often persecuted and jailed for expressing dissenting views.


FHRC identifies the central problem as not only exploitation but also widespread ignorance of basic human rights among the Cuban people, due to state-controlled education and media. The regime’s repressive tactics involve not only physical intimidation but also psychological manipulation to keep the population uninformed and docile.

At FHRC, through the Observatory of Cuban Conflicts, we are deeply committed to the cause of human rights and empowerment. We believe that empowerment is the cornerstone of change, and it’s through our training programs that we aim to ignite a spark of liberation in Cuba.

Examples of Training Modules:

– Basic Human Rights: to familiarize participants with the fundamental human rights, as established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The training Highlights an introduction to global human rights standards and the relevance and application of these rights in the Cuban context.
– Leadership: to inspire and cultivate future leaders who can drive positive change in Cuba, by highlighting leadership styles for positive change, the importance of vision, and building effective teams.
– Empowerment & Entrepreneurship: to empower the Cuban people to be changemakers and to explore opportunities to start and scale businesses.
– Gender-Based Violence Awareness: to create awareness about gender-based violence and tools to combat it; by recognizing signs of gender-based violence, understanding its impact, and providing support to victims.
– Nonviolent but active strategy: to promote peace and positive change without resorting to violence; by teaching the history of nonviolent movements, principles of nonviolence, and strategic planning for nonviolent campaigns.


Our impact becomes evident when we observe how civil society advocates for their rights, how social networks spotlight each violation of human and civil rights, and how collective street demonstrations prove that there is power in numbers.

• FHRC training over 3000+ members of civil society per year.


Thanks to FHR Cuba’s supporters, the Contests program continues to instill dreams of a brighter tomorrow for every man, woman and child. With your support, we hope to expand this Entrepreneurship program to reach many more on the island and provide trainings/financial support to be independent from the government.

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