One Cuba Human Rights Organization Worth Partnering With

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1992. This Cuba human rights organization has been working since its beginning to help Cuban civil society move towards a democratic and free state that does not tolerate the violation of human rights. Currently in Cuba, citizens are oppressed and heavily censored. Human rights activists are passionate about seeing change in their country but are continually imprisoned or otherwise dissuaded from speaking out, even in a nonviolent manner.

The Cuban people can benefit from the help of those more fortunate. FHRC works to continually provide anyone who may be interested with opportunities to support a worthy cause and is frequently creating new programs and campaigns. If you are interested in promoting freedom and human rights, partnering with this Cuba human rights organization is one way to get started.

Our Cuban Human Rights Organization’s Current Initiativescuba human rights topics

FHRC is a Cuban human rights organization that is currently seeking support and donations for a wide variety of programs. You can help with any one of these campaigns by simply spreading the word, volunteering time or donating. Below are brief overviews of three of our current campaigns.

1. Connect Cuba

Connect Cuba is an important campaign that is combining the power of a petition with financial support and awareness. Cuban people have very limited access to the Internet and the access they do have is highly monitored by the Government. FHRC would like to see this basic human right and freedom of expression given to the Cuban people. Simply signing the petition is one way to make your voice heard. There is also an exciting opportunity to financially support this campaign by shopping for unique products on our online store.  

2. We Are One People

This new and innovative program has allowed FHRC to provide 15 Cuban students the opportunity to receive higher education here in the US. Miami Dade College has partnered with our human rights organization for Cubans and has opened its doors to these specially selected students. Here they will take courses on English, technology, leadership and more. We are currently seeking financial donations from private and public sectors to support this exciting program.

3. Our Partners

FHRC supports several human rights organizations in Cuba by working to make their missions known, raising financial support and sending material goods. Many of the people involved with these groups are targeted by the government as trouble makers and risk being beaten, separated from their families, exiled or imprisoned. Our involvement provides vital material resources as well as encouragement and hope. By partnering with FHRC you will be supporting these brave individuals.

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