Here are some of the many ways How to Help Cuban Children and learn more

The Foundation for Human Rights Campaign seeks to educate people on the conditions and life for Cubans, including children. We seek to provide humanitarian assistance and relief to the poor, the distressed, and the often underprivileged citizens of Cuba. We feel it is of the utmost importance to educate the world on how to help Cuban to help cuban children

We want to bring about real change for the future generations of Cubans by working with activists, educators and many external sources including citizens of the United States.  Cuban children deserve a new Cuba where all are free and education is inclusive and without limits.

There has been an embargo of more than fifty years in place that has severely restricted and been detrimental to its citizens, namely the elderly and the young people. This island nation of more than 11 million has been isolated and the result of the embargo has resulted in a short supply of many basic supplies, including technology that could aid in the education of the youth.

How to help Cuban Children for their Future

Help to spread the world on how to help Cuban Children.The international community needs to be educated on the exploitation and oppression happening in Cuba. If the world is informed, there can be tangible and real change.  On our website along with many others, you can educate yourself so that you can provide others with the resources to support Cuban reform.

How You Can Provide Assistance

By donating to FHRC, you can help us supplemental information and basic supplies such as pens and pencils for schools. Additionally, we deliver medicine to children and their families along with health products and even clothing. Basic human necessities are the rights of every human and that goes especially for children. They need to be properly clothed, well fed and given the nutrients necessary to be able to pay attention when education is provided.  

Please help us spread the word on how to help Cuban children by visiting our website.

How to Help Cuban Children| How to Help Cuban Kids

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