Learn How to Help the Children in Cuba

Cuba’s younger generations are eager for opportunities to learn and grow. The current system in Cuba does not provide these opportunities very often. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) is continually working to enhance the lives of all Cubans and has recently developed a special program called Somos Un Solo Pueblo for Cuban young people. If you have been wondering how to help the Children in Cuba, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to do so.how to help Children in Cuba

This educational program is being put on by FHRC in collaboration with Miami Dade College and is offering a specially selected group of Cuban young people the opportunity to travel to America and take courses on subjects like leadership, organizational management, civil rights, technology, English and more. FHRC wants to see Cuba’s younger generation properly prepared and trained for what lies ahead in their country. Initiatives of all kinds are desperately needed in Cuba and by helping Cuban children learn how to become effective leaders, FHRC is hoping to better equip the population as a whole to move towards a free, democratic state.

FHRC is always working to create opportunities for Cuban people and has a variety of diverse initiatives currently underway. We are currently looking for donations for the Somos Un Solo Pueblo program and would be happy to provide you with more information on how to help  the Children in Cuban children in this way. There are a variety of other ways to give and get involved with our Foundation and we encourage you to take a few moments to learn more about our current initiatives. FHRC provides ways to learn  how to help the children in Cuba  all over the island through programs of all kinds. We also support civil rights activists in the country, work to raise awareness of the Cuban state elsewhere around the world, and are in the midst of obtaining signatures and donations for our “Connect Cuba” campaign.

How to Help Children In Cuba |How to help Children of Cuba

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