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For those who don’t speak Spanish, Cuba Libre simply means “Free Cuba.” Our organization is committed to the vision of a free and democratic Cuba. Thankfully, we are not the only group that is passionate about freedom for the Cuban people. In a nation where freedom is limited, restricted, and even withheld, any Cuba Libre news can be encouraging.Cuba Libre News

Recently, it has been reported that more islanders are deciding to go into business for themselves. Castro has allowed for some economic reforms and the ideas of capitalism are slowly starting to creep in among the people. Though the free market is still limited, people who are allowed to become entrepreneurs are realizing that it has changed their life and permanently shaped their attitude. Individual enterprise is beginning to be rewarded.

This is a promising step towards a better Cuba. All Free Cuba News is always welcome. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is working towards building a durable democracy in Cuba. Anytime we hear about progress being made inside the country, it gives us greater passion to continue our work. We take action by spreading awareness both inside Cuba and around the globe about what is going on and what needs to change. With others, we document human rights violations and share the truth with the world. We provide Cuba with humanitarian aid when needed and collaborate with other organizations to provide much needed resources. Cuba Libre news happens anytime there is more freedom in Cuba than before.

If you’re interested in any Cuba Libre news, visit our website to connect with us. You can also join our Connect Cuba campaign. One of the freedoms that the Cuban people are lacking is free access to the Internet. Our Connect Cuba campaign is going to help empower Cuban society and allow them to communicate freely with each other and the world.

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