What to know about Foundation for Social Change in Cuba

The human rights situation in Cuba, is considered by many to be in dire need of help. Citizens of Cuba are currently being repressed by their government, especially in terms of freedom of speech, communication, and information.  There are many organizations that seek to change this situation. One type of such organizations is a foundation for social change in Cuba.foundation for social change in cuba

A foundation for social change in Cuba,  is the  FHRC (The Foundation For Human Rights In Cuba) has been a non-profit organization since 1992. Our goal is to bring about tangible change in Cuba while using non-violent,  peaceful tactics and strategies. We work with civilian activists who have taken on a variety of roles including:

  • Blogging

  • Speaking in public

  • Journalism

In addition, we collaborate together with the efforts of those citizens most marginalized including conscientious objectors serving in prison and their family members. Our dream is to bring about a new Cuba where no rights are violated and all people are free.

The FHRC knows that we have the serious obligation to bring Cubans a freely and democratically elected Cuba. We cannot stand to see the violations of human rights and strive every day to bring about the end of exploitative conditions by raising awareness and speaking out.

How we can accomplish our mission as a Foundation for social change in Cuba

We aim to enhance awareness of the goings on in Cuba to the world through activism. Our efforts are funded and powered by citizens who care by fundraising campaigns and awareness events. The biggest roadblock to change is ignorance. We work with both the international and local communities to create a system of support and resources.

What we provide:

  • Communicative devices including cell phones and computers. These devices are given to those activists and their families affected by the current government in Cuba the barment  from employment.

  • Supplemental information including campaign materials that are delivered to Cubans who want to make a peaceful and nonviolent stand.

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Medicine

  • Clothing

How to help:

If you would like to help this foundation for social change in Cuba you can do so in three ways:

Foundation for Social Change in Cuba | Social Change Foundation Cuba

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