What to know about Cuba Civil Rights

Can you imagine living in a world where your opinion was not welcome and in fact, could be subject to persecution? Can you imagine having to meet secretly if you wanted to discuss a complaint against government? What if you simply wanted to use the Internet? Would you want to have to jump through hoops and bypass a system of censorship in order to simply communicate with the outside world?cuba civil rights

Unfortunately, this is the reality of the lack of Cuba civil rights today. Cuban civil society has been so oppressed by the previous and current political regimes, that citizens are not even permitted to speak, travel or associate freely. These basic human rights have been being systematically violated for years and here at FHRC, we are committed to helping end this tragic situation.

How Can We Help Promote Cuba Civil Rights?

First of all, simply getting educated and spreading awareness can help significantly. That’s why we’re here. Browse our site and learn all about the many human rights violations that are occurring in Cuba on a regular basis – everything from political imprisonment to beatings and forced exile. Start to share what you’ve learned. The more people around the world who are aware, the better. We need to help create an international alliance that will demand and achieve real change in this island nation.

Secondly, you can give right online to help continue the great work towards achieving Cuba civil rights that is being done by activists on the ground in-country. We support and partner with key journalists, lawyers, political activists, community leaders and more. These individuals are the ones with boots on the ground, getting the work done in the country today. Our support of them allows them to get medical care, pay for necessary transportation, purchase supplies and even participate in training to help them become more efficient in their efforts.

Consider how you can play a small part in this big mission – to achieve true Cuba civil rights for the citizens of this country!

Cuba Civil Rights | Cuban Civil Rights

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