A Human Rights Organization for Cuba

FHRC is a human rights organization for Cuba that works both in and outside of the country to promote the development of a free, democratic society that opposes all violations to human rights. In Cuba today, basic human rights are violated all the time and strict repression of even the most nonviolent attempts for civil action make change difficult. While the situation in Cuba is tough, there is much that can be done. Civil rights groups made up of Cuban people as well as groups outside of that country that are dedicated to supporting these noble efforts can work together to create positive change.human rights organization for cuba

As a committed human rights organization for Cuba, FHRC is continually developing and launching innovative campaigns and programs to benefit the Cuban people. We work to support our partners in Cuba, raise awareness of human rights issues in the country, obtain financial donations, send material goods and create a variety of opportunities for both Cubans and Americans to aid this beautiful island.

There are currently several initiatives underway here at the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba. Our biggest campaign is called Connect Cuba and is focused on providing greater levels of Internet access and freedom in Cuba. You can support this campaign by signing the petition that will be presented to world leaders in an attempt to put pressure on the Cuban government in this area. You can also shop for merchandise related to the campaign, donate to the cause and spread the word via social networks. We thank you in advance for your participation and are proud to be able to offer people the opportunity to make their voices heard. Partnering with this human rights organization for Cuba is a simple way of speaking against the violation of human  rights all over the world.

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