Human Rights’ Needs Met by a Cuba Social Change Non profit Organization

In Cuba, social change non profit organizations are championing for progression and advancements. At FHRC, our website educates you on what the current conditions are in Cuba and how to contribute to the positive change. We work with all citizens to bring social change at a community level to address the deficiencies in Cuban life.cuba social change non profit organization

The lack of food supply, democratic education, extremely limited access to technology and limited medical care is of utmost concern for cubans. We bring training and advocates to local Cubans so that they can take ownership of their rights. Those traditionally marginalized including women, children and the elderly are also educated by our activists and local programs. In Cuba social change non profit organizations  are growing in number and with the assistance and education of the outside world, will be able to enact significant and lasting change.

Find out how you can help now

FHRC has a campaign titled “Our Connect Cuba” which works to actively empower Cuban society with unrestricted and free web access. Currently, citizens cannot communicated freely outside the island.  Cuban social change non profit organizations work tirelessly to help change this.

There are several ways to show support. You can donate to FHRC to assist in bringing technology and communication to Cubans. We also have a petition you can sign to support Cuban internet access. Share our site with your friends or make your next Christmas gift one from Connect Cuba. All proceeds go directly towards our programs which provide citizens with computers, smart phones, flash drives, and technology necessary to open and share  uncensored content. Education is the first step in the process and we want to make it easy for you. Our website lays out all the human rights that are currently being denied by the oppressive Cuban government.

Cuba Social Change Nonprofit Organization | Cuban Social Change Non Profit Organization

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