Gaining Freedom of Press for Cubans

Freedom of press for Cubans is an important and worthwhile goal. Cubans deserve to have their voices heard in whatever way they choose. Currently in their country, speaking out in any number of ways is forbidden and strictly shut down. The press is very limited by the overly critical government and people struggle to receive even basic information. Everything in Cuba is censored.freedom of press for cubans

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is working hard to change this situation for the better with one of its most recent campaigns. Connect Cuba is an internet campaign for the Cuban people that is combining a worldwide petition with donations to assist these valuable people in their quest for complete freedom of speech and expression. Our foundation believes that freedom of press for Cubans is attainable if we work together. Simply by raising awareness of the human rights violations occurring in Cuba, you will be playing a significant part in this quest.

To make a change, sign the petition! This important document will be presented to major governing bodies in an attempt to pressure the Cuban government to give their people much more freedom, especially in regards to access to and use of the Internet. Financial donations towards this campaign are also being accepted and are aiding those brave Cuban men and women who continually spread news and information to their fellow people despite the restrictions. Spreading the word about freedom of press for Cubans is also a great way to get involved. Share our mission on your social media sites and take a stand.

We believe that right now is the time to act and work for peaceful democracy in Cuba. The Cuban people deserve freedom of speech and expression just as much as any other people group and there are things we can do to help that happen. The Foundation for Human Rights is excited to offer ways of getting involved to anyone who is interested. We thank you for your support.

 Freedom of Press for Cubans | Freedom of Press for Cuba

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