Fighting for the Freedom of Internet for Cuba

Cuba is known for its tight restrictions, censorship, and lack of political freedom. So it comes as no surprise that the Cuban government does not want full Internet freedom for Cuban residents. The oppressive government does not want to potentially risk political instability by granting citizens full access to the online world, where their voice could be heard and the truth about human rights violations could be leaked.freedom of internet for cuba

Here at The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, we believe that the freedom of Internet for Cuba citizens is a right that they should be granted. Although, the government of Cuba does not see it that way. Despite the oppression by the government, the plight of the Cuban people has come to the world’s attention and people are starting to take action. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is joining other activist groups within and outside of this island nation to address the pressing need for freedom of expression, speech and connection with the world.

FHRC believes that If the Cuban government won’t change the rules and regulations on Internet access for it’s people, then the world must take notice. That’s why we started the Connect Cuba campaign, which is a means through which concerned individuals can play a practical part. Together we can share the video, sign the petition, donate to the cause and see freedom of internet for Cuba become a reality! It’s easier than ever to make a real, practical impact. You can help achieve freedom for those who are oppressed and restricted by simply visiting our campaign site and inviting your friends and family to do the same. Help us spread the word.

The freedom of Internet for Cuba is truly a global issue. Cuban residents do not enjoy the same freedoms citizens of many other countries do and as members of this global community, we should all take notice. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has a mission in mind to solve that problem. One day, Cuban civil society will have complete Internet freedom.

To get there, we are committed to the mission of enhancing and spreading awareness about the issue, sending aid to Cuba, collaborating with international networks, and documenting human rights violations as they happen. Join us as we fight for the freedom of internet for Cuba.

Freedom of Internet for Cuba | Cuban Freedom of Internet

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