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Though there are many Cuba organizations currently in action, we have a very specific goal. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba was created to empower the civil society of Cuba and assist in building the foundation for a durable democracy in the nation. Our mission is to increase awareness in the nation about how to be effective through nonviolent activism. We also want to help facilitate Cuban civil society with training materials, communication equipment, manuals, and as much financial support as possible. We welcome the collaboration of other nongovernmental groups or international organizations to help make our vision a reality.cuban flag

Our Cuba organization is dedicated to the ultimate freedom of the Cuban people, first and foremost. Residents who live in the country do not have the ability to enjoy the same freedom that so many other individuals do around the globe. We want to raise global awareness about what is happening in Cuba so that the world will take notice and help. Becoming active is the key to unlocking the future potential of Cuban freedom and a long lasting democracy. We are a nonprofit organization that is made possible by generous donors and people who care.

Many Cuba organizations are attempting to put an end to the various human rights violations that are happening there. We are proud to stand with them in defending the Cuban people’s right to basic freedoms. We keep in contact with many individuals in the country who keep us up to date on what is happening and we have a broad community of people who communicate with us regularly, including journalists and bloggers, prisoners and their families, activists, and union members.

We would ask you to consider how you can help as together we seek to bring about change in Cuba. If you’re interested in more information or want to get involved, visit our Connect Cuba campaign site to learn about 4 easy steps you can take right away!

1. Watch & share the video

2. Sign the petition

3. Spread the word

4. Visit the merchandise store

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