Miami. March 19, 2024 – The Cuban people once again demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the government through recent peaceful protests, demanding food, and electricity.

The Cuban regime responded with repression and terror, as it has been the strategy of Fidel Castro for decades, causing harm not only to the Cuban people but also to the American people.

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba considers it essential to reflect on the historical context that shaped the strained relations between Cuba and the United States.

This video produced by FHRC takes us on a journey through the historical events that have shaped the tense relations between Cuba and the United States. The complexities and layers of conflict that have persisted over the years are revealed.

Fidel Castro, who implemented a communist ideology in Cuba, openly expressed his animosity towards the United States. In June 1958, Castro famously declared, “I have sworn to myself that the Americans will pay dearly for what they are doing. When this war ends, I will begin a much longer and bigger war: the war that I am going to wage against them. I realize that that will be my true destiny.”

Castro’s implementation of a communist system in Cuba directly contradicted the capitalist and democratic principles that the United States upheld.

Furthermore, Cuba has been involved in various military interventions around the world, primarily in support of governments aligned with its socialist ideology.

A brief timeline of notable threats or actions by the Cuban government towards the United States includes the confiscation of U.S.-owned businesses and properties in Cuba in 1960, which escalated tensions between the two nations. Additionally, in November 1962, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) thwarted a planned “war” by Castro and Che Guevara against ordinary Americans, particularly in popular entertainment venues.

These historical events serve as a reminder that the government of Cuba poses a latent and current threat to the security of the United States.



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