Miami- The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba rejects the position of the Cuban Government regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The Havana regime has demonstrated once again that it ignores respect for human rights to pursue its economic and power interests.With a despicable attitude, Castroism has disrespected the Jewish community that resides on the island, defending the attacks of the terrorist group Hamas against the civilian population that suffered the most violent attacks in the history of Israel.
Castroism made public that “in no case did they blame Hamas, but rather 75 years of permanent violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and Israel’s aggressive and expansionist policy.”
The Cuban Federation of Hebrew Religious Communities immediately condemned the attacks with a statement in which they expressed: “Once again Hamas shows its true face, the face of terror, the face of betrayal, the face of opportunism, the face that many do not They want to see”.
“The only radical solution that should be taken is peace and that should be the position of all the rulers and people of power in the world” – expressed Tony Costa, president of the Foundation for Human Rights for Cuba.
FHRC condemns that innocent human beings, children, men, women, the elderly; Entire families have been murdered and other people have been violently kidnapped.
The material destruction caused by Hamas attacks in Israel has been devastating and brutal; Even so, the Cuban government offers its unconditional support to terror and violence against innocents. FHRC calls on the international community to condemn such cruelty and demands respect for the victims on both sides who suffer from the violence of radicalism.

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