Miami-The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is mentioned by Time Magazine as a source of the investigation on its cover this Monday on the Russian recruitment of Cubans for the Russian aggression against Ukraine.
“The Miami-based Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) told TIME that of the 746 recruits they have tracked, at least 62 appear to be part of a highly trained Cuban special forces team known as the Black Wasps. , or “Avispas Negras” – highlighted Time.
FHRC began an investigation into the issue in February and confirmed its concern about the danger posed to the Cuban people, affected by the known human trafficking practices by the Cuban dictatorship, of being recruited to participate in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
The Time article exposes the testimonies of several Cubans and relatives involved in trafficking, which the Havana regime denies being complicit. Still, Time’s investigation demonstrates the government’s knowledge of the exodus of Cubans to Russia.
“Dozens of passports reviewed by TIME had been recently issued, making it unlikely, experts say, that the communist government, which closely monitors its citizens, would not have detected the sudden departure. Cuba analysts reject the possibility that Havana was unaware of the recruitment drive.”
Last week, FHRC published a press release calling for international action on the troubling issue: “In light of this overwhelming evidence, the Cuban Human Rights Foundation urges global leaders and entities to examine Cuba’s claims meticulously. The accumulated data underlines Cuba’s support for Russian belligerence against Ukraine, pointing to a deeper alliance than is openly recognized.
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