MIAMI – On Thursday, June 22nd, 2023, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
unanimously adopted Resolution 2506, based on the Report contained in Document 15797. The
resolution, drafted by the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy and Rapporteur Mr.
Emanuelis Zingeris from Lithuania, a member of the Group of the European People’s Party,
highlights the political consequences of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine.
Notably, the resolution recognizes Cuba, among other countries, as an ally of Russia in its war of
aggression against Ukraine. As a result, the following point has been adopted:
22.4. Calls on the parliaments of Council of Europe member states to withdraw from the pending
ratification of the free trade agreement (PDCA) between the European Union and the Republic of
Practically, this resolution implies that any country, organization, entity, corporation, and/or individual
actively cooperating and/or facilitating the Russian aggression against Ukraine shall be ineligible to
receive any kind of financial assistance and/or resources from the European Union. This measure
specifically urges the European Parliament to follow suit and halt any current program covered under
the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union, its Member States,
and the Republic of Cuba (referred to as the ‘Agreement’ or ‘PDCA’).
It is important to note that the PDCA has not been fully ratified and has not entered into force, as it
still awaits approval from the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (SEIMAS). Currently, it is
partially implemented under the legal framework of “provisional application.”
Cuba Decide and the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba applaud and celebrate this resolution. It
not only reinforces the global united front for peace, democracy, and the territorial integrity of Ukraine
but also establishes a standard to hold those responsible for the aggression, as well as its
accomplices, accountable. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Emanuelis Zingeris, the Rapporteur,
and the entire Council of Europe for their unwavering commitment to the cause of a Free and
Democratic Cuba.
Media Contact:
Cuba Decide
Alejandro Cajas
(786) 440-1251
Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba
Maite Luna
(786) 270-6645

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