Miami – June 8, 2023.-According to a blockbuster report in today’s Wall Street Journal,  in what would be an unprecedentedly provocative action, China and Cuba have recently completed an agreement allowing the Chinese to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba.

With  advances in modern-day technology and the widespread use of digital information across the spectrum, the capabilities of this new Chinese run facility will eclipse any of the military and intelligence threats ever posed by the Russian operated eavesdropping facility in Lourdes which ceased operations in 2001.

This move is just the latest example of Cuba’s unrelenting  hostility towards the United States, our interests, and our allied partners.   Just recently, media reports indicate Cuba has  deployed personnel to serve alongside Russians in support of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Actions always speak louder than words.  Despite whatever niceties may be being exchanged in secret conversations and negotiations at the highest levels of government, this new and literally unprecedented military and intelligence threat to the United States must serve as a reminder of the Cuban regime’s ingrained hostility to the United States” said John Barsa, Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba.

Barsa further stated “This, along with Cuba’s active participation and support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, demonstrate that efforts to improve bi-lateral relations with Cuba are beyond folly.  The United States and allied governments who also support freedom, democracy and human rights need to treat Cuba as the outlier, pariah state it is and has always been.”

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