The new president-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has just declared that his goal is not to end the Mais Médicos Program (More Doctors in Portuguese), but to decree the freedom of Cuban doctors enslaved within that arrangement. He invited them to stay in Brazil to work as free people, with legal residence and full payment of their salaries, bringing their relatives from Cuba and studying to revalidate their titles.

On May 13, 1888, slavery was officially abolished in Brazil by the Ley Áurea (Golden Law in Portuguese), being the last country to eradicate this form of exploitation. But forced labor and human trafficking continued to exist in Brazil as a modern form of slavery that the leftist parties claimed to be willing to eradicate. On the contrary, they opened the door to a new modality of that monstrosity by importing Cuban medical professionals to finance their cronies of the Cuban dictatorship.

Since the Brazilian courts obstructed it, the Cuban dictators and the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) leaders fabricated a fraudulent international scheme with supposedly private corporations and false educational programs of international health organizations. This clever deceitful “mechanism”, created to siphon off resources to Castroism, can compete with the Odebrecht plot.

By violating national and international legality, these Brazilian and Cuban “progressive” leaders disguised as humanistic motivations their true purposes: to foment electoral cronyism with these doctors’ patients (who were blackmailed with losing these medical services if the PT lost the elections) and ensure an annual multimillion-dollar support of Brazil to the Cuban dictatorship with billions of dollars extracted from the slave exploitation of the Cuban doctors.

The enslaved physicians imported through this system cannot move freely, cannot bring their relatives or establish unauthorized relations with Brazilians or other foreigners; they are watched and in turn are required to watch their colleagues and report on the political behavior of patients and local leaders, and to make political proselytism in favor of the PT in their places of work.

This is how, in addition to using them as political “monitors” for the ruling party, they are also used as political and ideological commissars in favor of the PT and the Cuban regime to influence the perceptions of the population and their voting intentions. They are paid between 15 and 25% of their nominal salary (a few hundred dollars), unlike the pay earned by the few doctors of other nationalities who are also part of the program and receive their full salaries.

There has been a concurrence of events. On the one hand, this announcement has coincided with the 130th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Brazil. But also with the 150th anniversary of Cuban independence patriot Carlos Manuel de Céspedes tolling the bell of his sugar mill to summon his slaves to grant them freedom and inviting them to fight, as free human beings, for national independence.

Now the Cuban slave doctors have been invited by President Jair Bolsonaro to fight for the health of Brazilians but, from now on, with full rights, as free men and women.




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