Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) is attacked for denouncing repressors

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba reports that since the denunciations of the victims of two Cuban repressors now based in Florida were made known, the aggressions against our institution have intensified and diversified.

These attacks include, among other actions, more than 18,500 cyber-attacks, the forgery of bank checks with the intention of withdrawing funds, and attacks on the reputation of the program and even the person who directs it. We do not believe that any of this is casual.

FHRC has reasons to believe that these actions are part of a broader plan against several initiatives taken by the exiled community. In our case, we assume them as implicit recognition, on the part of the Cuban government and its agents, of the effectiveness of our program against the repressors. They will not distract us and, still less, will they stop us.

We take this opportunity to thank the support that this program and its director, Juan Antonio Blanco, have received from the victims and from our community.

FHRC reiterates its unwavering commitment to continue with this and other initiatives to achieve democracy, freedom and prosperity in Cuba.

Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

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