With the support of the 14 countries of the Lima Group, the government of Peru has just notified Nicolás Maduro that “he will not be welcome” to the VIII Summit of the Americas to be held next April in the Peruvian capital.

In turn, Maduro replied to the Peruvian government that, no matter what, he plans to attend the Summit.  Lima quickly clarified that a Head of State can’t travel to a country to which he has not been invited.

The last straw is that the Castro regime described the Lima Group’s rejection of Maduro as “an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”  It’s similar to a thief shouting, “catch the thief!”  Not only the intrusion, but the massive military intervention of Cuba in Venezuela has in fact turned that South American nation into a Cuban colony.

The Castro regime has a huge occupation army in Venezuela that oversees the security services and the armed forces.  Cuban counterintelligence officers prevent any military conspiracy to rise against Maduro thus allowing narcochavism to stay in power.  Raúl Castro is mainly responsible for the worst humanitarian crisis in Venezuela in its bicentennial history.

Raul Castro, as second in command in Cuba for several decades and almost 12 years as Head of State, is morally disqualified from exercising such protest against the free decision of democratic countries.  He is responsible for having shot or killed in various manners more than 7,000 Cubans for political reasons, according to data from Cuba Archive.  That number more than doubles the 3,197 documented crimes of Pinochet.  He is guilty of unjustly imprisoning tens of thousands of people, of torturing and beating up political opponents, and of having turned Cuba into an island prison.

There is a fact that by itself would be sufficient for having General Castro tried by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In January 1959, he ordered the execution of 72 Batista ex-soldiers, without taking into account any testimony from witnesses, experts, or circumstantial evidence.

Journalist Antonio Llano Montes, an eyewitness of what happened on that date, narrated that Raul interrupted the court and said: “If one is guilty, the others are guilty too; we condemn all of them to be shot”.  And without having any court to prove that they were all criminals, the 72 accused were summarily executed in the vicinity of Santiago de Cuba and their corpses were thrown into a mass grave.

Raúl Castro has more blood on his hands than Maduro.  Neither of them meets the requirements of the OAS Democratic Charter, which the Summit of the Americas in Quebec established as a requirement to attend and participate in these events.  Neither of them should be permitted to attend the upcoming VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima.

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