The dictatorship of Raúl Castro continues to complicate and worsen the political crisis caused by the acoustic attack against US diplomats in Havana.

The government of Cuba insists that it is not responsible for anything and have found nothing at all on this matter. Miguel Diaz-Canel the first vice president of the regime, and probably next head of state, said that the acoustic attacks are pure imperialist “hoaxes”.  A few days ago the colonel of the Ministry of Interior (MININT), Ramiro Ramírez, in charge of ensuring the security of diplomats in Cuba, on behalf of the Cuban team that “investigates” the case, said that this whole issue is nothing more than a “science fiction” story.

The Ministry of Interior (MININT), the main suspect institution in this plot, has investigated itself and proclaimed its own innocence.  Now they are hoping that the world, or at least the Cubans in the island, will believe them.

Meanwhile, in Bogota, the third Congress of Media Editors in Europe-Latin America & the Caribbean 2017 condemned “unanimously and explicitly the coercion to freedom of expression” in Cuba. However, the Congress of Spain approved the agreement of cooperation between the European Union and Cuba that officially buries the ‘Common Position’, which by initiative of Spain 21 years ago, conditioned the relationship with the island to verifiable progress in the field of human rights.

Neither Spain nor the other countries of the EU have taken into account that the Cuban scenario has changed radically. The “thaw” that they celebrated so much for Obama and Raul Castro was blown up by the latter and his Military Junta. The final nail in the coffin was the sonic attack against the American diplomats. The EU should reflect on what happened and on the nature of the regime they are trying to appease, accommodate and believe they can benefit from.

Although the main target of the Cuban counterintelligence is Washington, the espionage apparatus of Havana also gathers information from European diplomats. And the secret information obtained from the Europeans is then supplied to North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, or Syria, in exchange for certain commitments or for money.

The global conflict between open and closed societies is in force.  And everyone should know that the ravens they are breeding today will likely take out their eyes tomorrow.

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