FHRC recognizes that all rights are interdependent and inalienable and therefore denounces not only the repression of the exercise of civil and political rights in Cuba but also the economic, social, labor and cultural rights that we also demand shall be respected.

These include the right of all Cubans to participate in any sector of the national economy and to be able to directly export or import their products, services and inputs; That of professionals to have economic initiatives making use of their knowledge; That of business owners to be able to register their companies and that their legal conflicts are analyzed by an independent judiciary; That of workers and peasants to form unions and free associations to negotiate collective agreements independently; That of students, artists, academics, university professors and scientists to be free from any reprisal based on their professional or political opinions; All churches to exercise worship free of state intrusions; That of retirees to have corresponding minimum pensions with the changing cost of living.

Education and awareness: thru events and publications.

FHRC has been carrying out an educational and awareness-raising campaign on these issues with events in several countries – such as Mexico, Panama, Argentina and the United States – and publications (weekly reports, monthly reports and special investigations) dedicated to these issues, in which we explain And denounce the various restrictions and violations of rights of this type that exist in Cuba.

Microcredits. In addition, there have been some specific experiments with microcredits for the production of pork and clothing at the request of some peasant groups and activists who seek to self-finance their activities in this way and have requested our support. In addition to the minimum resources for their enterprises, these people receive education in accounting for their expenses and projecting their activities.

Community cultural centers. As part of our activities in this field we support some independent community cultural centers that have emerged for some time in Cuba and offer a pluralistic space to meet local communities to search books, watch and discuss films, listen to academic presentations, celebrate historical dates and more.

Contests. FHRC has also given support since its inception in 2016 to an initiative of four Cuban-American entrepreneurs who have instituted two annual competitions under the slogan “Ideas for Cuba”. These competitions are convened in relation to a specific issue or question that prompts us to think of possible solutions to some priority issues for citizen welfare. It is provided with a first prize of $ 1,000 USD and another two of $ 500 USD each.  Occasionally special mentions are awarded with $ 100 USD in each case.

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