The immediate objective of this project is to discourage people who participate in various ways in the repression of civil liberties and rights to distance themselves from those activities. In collaboration with the democratic activists in Cuba, the personal identification of the repressors is carried out and individual complaints or organizations that are supported with appropriate documentation are collected. Patiently and discreetly get their photos, find the real names of the repressor, rank, military or paramilitary body to which they belong, their place of residence and other data that are located in an offline base of FHRC to protect them from the almost 15,000 malicious attacks which we have received in the first six months.

The purpose of this project, for the inmediatte future,  is more oriented to educate on individual responsibility as opposed to the so-called “due obedience”. It seeks to persuade police officers and members of paramilitary groups (such as the so-called “fast-action brigades”) to depart from that practice rather than preparing a legal file for a court even if the data also serve that purpose. You are notified – privately or publicly – of those repressors who have already been identified, who know their actions, their activity is unacceptable and they will have to face different consequences if they do not rectify in time. We don’t want to wait until we have to settle accounts tomorrow or someone to say in the future that he did not know that he was not bound to obedience due to his superiors.

The effectiveness of the project can be evaluated by the multiple and unsuccessful countermeasures taken by the repressive apparatus since its introduction.

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