The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba announced the creation of a online database for Cuban Repressors that will be shared with governments and intelligence agencies from around the globe.

This project is sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC | FHRC) with the cooperation of relevant organizations from the cuban civil society and other countries. Its being developed in alliance with Repression ID impulsed by a group of distinguished lawyers from cuban-american origin. The Institute for Historic Memory Against Totalitarianism.


Stop political violence and contribute to facilitate coexistence in the future Cuba. 


  • Identify , investigate and collect information on military (MININT/MINFAR) or paramilitary groups (Brigadas de Acción Rápida) that exert violence and political repression against citizens.
  • To educate in legal, untransferable and eternal responsibility, that is assumed personally when fulfilling criminal orders of chiefs of superior instance.
  • Put an end to the obedience demanded by the privileged, demagogic and inmoral who today order to repress with violence the economic and political initiatives of citizens. 
  • Contribute to the peaceful change of government so that cubans can restore coexistence and promote general prosperity with freedom, democracy and human rights. 

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