PC Magazine’s April 2016 Cover Story is all about how Cubans are “bootstrapping the internet.” Their Contributing Editor, William Fenton, spent a week in Cuba recently “staying in casas particulares and asking Cubans how they use technology. His story brims with broken stereotypes and stories of incredible ingenuity” according to PC Mag.

The tech publisher goes on to mention that “public Wi-Fi hotspots are the fastest way to get a connection in Cuba, but don’t expect to find one by accident—there are only about 65 of them in the entire country. Logging on requires a paid ticket, and during the busiest hours the connections slow to a crawl. Even so, the parks and open spaces where Wi-Fi can be accessed have become a common meeting ground for Cubans of all ages.”

PC Mag also points to the fact that “Internet in Cuba is not exactly free. In addition to the high cost and limited access, services like WhatsApp, Skype, and YouTube are banned, and many political sites simply don’t work. What’s more, there’s a pervasive sense that the government is always watching what happens online.”

To see what you can do to help Cuba’s “bootstrappers” Connect Cuba now, please click here.

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