As published in Diario de Cuba, “access to Internet for Cubans, via open WiFi zones in the country, is very expensive (2.00 CUC per hour, approx $2 U.S.D.), slow and far from achieving wide coverage.”

In addition, “the 35 areas in Cuba designated to those duties do not keep the most comfortable conditions…people have to sit on sidewalks, on walls or on the floor to try to access the ETECSA site that acts as the server for Internet, so that after a while, people feel the need to change positions, stand, bend or just leave, given the discomfort.”

The Diario mentions that “what is new now, in addition to being expensive and cumbersome, is that these WiFi areas have become unsafe places for citizens, due to the criminal element finding easy victims who come there with their cell phones or laptops, and worst of all is that the risk is not only losing valuable equipment, but being beaten or injured.”

“Vandalism has occurred at all times, but mostly at night, when it is easier to disappear into the darkness at full speed after a robbery.”

To read the full article (Spanish), click here.

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