The following has been transcribed and translated from Danilo Maldonado’s original handwritten letter pictured below:

Tania B.:

Although we do not know each other well both know about the work of the other. I admire your work and recognize it as an honor that you visit me. I do not know how long I will be in this place, but I’m sure it is for some reason that life takes us to be where we are. I hope to have the capacity for discernment to understand. Also, on the other hand, everything around me is art as a dark and grotesque nightmare. Thanks for the efforts being made on my case. The things I miss most is to know news from the street, to see art magazines. In this place, since I have to be in this situation, I’d love to have a way to let me get news and things of art, photos, whatever; there is little light here, I draw during the day and at night I talk, hear stories or just think about my next work, and only comes to mind prison, prison, Tania, but I would like to know the situation on the street with the opposition.

I learned you were able to repeat the work of the dove on the shoulder, (in which) everyone had a time for freedom of expression. Let me know how it went in detail, since I only know of some 30 or 40 who were in the Bivouac as prisoners, beyond that I do not know what happened. As well, I would like to know the name of that work.

I would like to learn more about the piece in Colombia coca stripes. I really love the art of extremes, one that lets us throw ourselves and goes to the public, and that one feels involved and the authorities, who will always be the power, will feel humiliated; I am ready to humble and demystify those who cause so much damage to art, literature and film for over 54 years, the Castro brothers, and I know that art is the most powerful weapon we Cubans have. I submit completely my entire soul.

El Sexto
Danilo Maldonado Machado
Valle Grande prison

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