According the Spanish language digital newspaper Diario de Cuba and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), “Cuba worsened by two seats on the Development Index of Information Technology and Communication 2014 (IDT) and is installed on the list of the least connected countries in the world.”

The article mentions that “in particular, Cuba is lagging behind,” according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which placed the island in 125th place in 2013, compared to 122 reached in 2012.

According to the agency, the penetration of mobile telephony “is one of the lowest in the world and has only increased marginally” during the period from 2012-2013. In this aspect, the data shows a rise to 17.7 subscribers per hundred inhabitants (it was 14.9 in 2012).

“However, land lines rose by just 0.2%.”

“Broadband is almost nonexistent (penetration of less than 1%) and wireless broadband services were not available in 2013” continues the report by the ITU.

To help change Cuba’s current state of disconnection and “Connect Cuba,” click here.

To access the full ITU report, Measuring the Information Society Report 2014, click here.

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