According to Havana based independent blogger, Yusnaby Pérez, “Every day I open the Granma newspaper (not hard, since it’s only 4 pages), and I find an article (edited, re-edited, published by another journalist, etc.) about ‘the recent discovery that USAID has infiltrated Peruvians into Cuba to destabilize the country ‘and that this is a threat to national security.'”

The blogger continues “Gentlemen, child journalists, political grandparents…that is not a threat to national security. That an organization has the cooperation of the United States to fund a youth exchange and that it can have a political connotation, that my dear friends, does not undermine the national security of Cuba or any country. “

“In almost all parts of the world, citizens are free to associate, assemble and demonstrate peacefully without being repressed, create parties; and even participate in the country’s politics. In Cuba, all political actors who disagree with the Communist Party are repressed, imprisoned, persecuted, spied on, harassed, and along that line a bunch of things.”

To read the full article (Spanish), click here.

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