The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), has issued the following press release regarding Cuban blogger Ernesto Vera:

Exclusive: Ernesto Vera Declares Himself a Double Agent of the Political Police in Cuba

The Cuban State provides the means “to act against Jose Daniel Ferrer and UNPACU.”

Ernesto Vera, a known dissident in Cuba, was in reality an agent of the Political Police, with the mission to stop UNPACU, Jose Daniel Ferrer, and the Ladies in White. Ernesto used resources from the Political Police to multiply his audience, and claimed that he was forced to spy by the government, who was making threats against his family, and that he was an agent imprisoned by the realities of repression from an unscrupulous government. However, he did sum up the courage to recognize his actions in writing and through a video confession.

Below is a summary transcript of Ernesto Vera’s declarations:

  • “My work as a security agent by the name of ‘Jorge,’ consisted mostly of attacking UNPACU’S leader, Jose Daniel Ferrer, using social media.”
  • “These attacks were carried out via La Voz del Oriente, a press agency sponsored by Frank Canner, Ana Julia Mena, and Aldo Rosaldo Tuero.”
  • “My work with the political police consisted of tweeting from La Voz del Oriente’s Twitter account, and writing posts for the blog, Ernesto Vera.”
  • “Everything I did for the repressive machinery of the Castro regime was done under pressure, and was against my will.”
  • “They made many threats including:

We will discredit you, and publish the video where you appear to be collaborating with us.

We will kill you, and we will do it in a way that makes it look like an accident.

  • “All of the articles attacking Jose Daniel Ferrer and the Ladies in White were ordered by State Security.”
  • “I should have been brave, but I lacked the fortitude that heroes have.”
  • “From this moment on, I refuse to obey the orders of the State Security.”

Copies of Ernesto Vera’s declarations can be found here (Spanish):


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