According to Diario de Cuba and América TeVé, ETECSA (Cuba Telecommunications Company S.A.), the only Cuban telecommunications company on the island, is suffering from a data overload following the opening of a new system of e-mail messages available on cell phones, resulting in missed calls and delayed text messages. “The infrastructure of the company was not only unprepared with regards to the technological aspect, but also the social aspect: access to the [ETECSA] office has become almost impossible due to the huge queues for e-mail and the Internet.”

Furthermore, “Cuban mobile phone service is the world’s most expensive and subscribers are not guaranteed any of the services they receive: the communications monopoly indulges in imposing abusive prices but does not guarantee anything.”

The report concludes with a proposed solution that would have the support of many cell phone subscribers in Cuba :

“For many, the real solution would be to create another telecommunications company that competes with the outdated monopoly, but in the televised round table dedicated to foreign investment it was stated that telecommunications is not a priority. It is to say, Cubans continue dreaming of having normal connection services with that of the rest of the world, as the government makes fun of us, that yes, charging us expensively.”

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