Castro’s Cuba has continued to systematically deny the basic rights to freedom of speech and assembly for its citizens and the world is beginning to take notice. Acts of unjustifiable government persecution against journalists, academic leaders and activists have now been documented by human rights organizations and the international community is calling for the Cuban government to lift its heavy hand and allow true freedom for the Cuban people to finally be realized. If you’re looking to support a fund for nonviolence in Cuba, you’re in the right place. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba was established to advocate for and promote a truly free, democratic Cuba. And we believe that this transition should occur for nonviolence in cuba

The Current Situation in Cuba

Cuba is actually the only country left in the Western Hemisphere that still essentially restricts social activists, human rights defenders and other members of civil society from advocating for basic human rights. In fact, the government has imposed severe censorship on all forms of communication, including the Internet. With no real way to share news, voice opinions or organize peaceful protests, members of Cuban civil society have had to get creative. The “Internet without Internet” underground movement is one such example. Learn more about our Connect Cuba campaign and how your support can help provide flash drives and smart phones that can be used to spread uncensored information within Cuba and also with the outside world.

Contribute to a Fund for Nonviolence in Cuba

Here at FHRC, our vision is to empower Cuban civil society in its efforts from within to work towards a peaceful, durable democracy. We do that in a number of ways:

  1. We organize fundraisers here in the U.S. to raise awareness of the situation in Cuba and help gather the necessary funds to resource the activists and human rights defenders, who are working tirelessly towards political change in Cuba. If you want to contribute to a fund for nonviolence in Cuba, visit our donation page.

  2. We help international human rights organizations to identify and properly document violations when they occur. And unfortunately, they occur quite frequently. The government still practices arbitrary detentions, forces individuals into exile and holds political prisoners. Peaceful activists in this country are always fearful for their safety and even for their very lives.

  3. We maintain communication with key groups and individuals within Cuba who are actively working towards change from within. These are the brave men and women, who in the face of persecution, organize and lead nonviolent action to make known their desire for true freedom and work towards a stable democracy.

You can be a part of seeing the people of this island nation finally realize the rights that the rest of the free world already enjoys without restriction. Give to a fund for nonviolence in Cuba by donating to our general fund or by giving specifically through our Connect Cuba campaign. You can also help by watching and sharing the video about Internet restriction in Cuba or by purchasing our Connect Cuba gear!

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