A beautiful island in the Caribbean, Cuba is home to over 11 million people. Rich with history, the island is multiethnic and known for its diverse culture and celebrated traditions. Many tourists visit Cuba to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and its tropical climate. Though the nation may be beautiful, all is not well. The Cuban people, living under the reign of the government, are not truly free citizens. Being informed is the first step to how to help people in Cuba.

What’s Going on in Cuba?

Though many people may not know it, there are human rights violations happening in Cuba every single day. The government in Cuba the biggest oppressor of freedom in the nation. In spite of recent travel reforms, native Cubans are still experiencing arbitrary restrictions regarding travel outside the country. Their freedom of association, speech, assembly, movement, and press are severely limited. No one is allowed to speak out against the government without serious repercussions. Foreign journalists are not allowed into the country unless they are pre-screened and approved by the government. Many human rights agencies have accused the Cuban government of violations like torture, unfair trials, wrongful imprisonment, and extrajudicial execution.

Why We Care

how to help the people in cuba

As our global neighbors, we care about Cuba because they are people just like anyone else. We have also seen the human rights violations that have been going on for decades and we want to help change that. We have been active as an organization since 1992. Our goal is to promote a nonviolent transition from the current government model to a new free and democratic Cuba. In order to accomplish this we empower independent civil society within Cuba. Our organization keeps in touch with and supports many human rights defenders and activists who are working within the country to affect change. If the world truly has zero tolerance for human rights violations, then the current situation in Cuba needs to change. If you want to know how to help the people in Cuba, read on!

How to Help the People in Cuba

So, how can we help people in Cuba? There is so much work to be done! If you are interested in taking action, we have several options for you. Right now the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is creating and expanding an underground network to help provide technology to the Cuban people. Since they don’t have free Internet right now, this project will help them to be able to communicate freely with each other and the outside world. To help, you can follow these steps:

·         Visit our Website at www.connectcuba.org

·         Sign our petition

·         Sign up for our newsletter

·         Donate to this project

·         Buy Connect Cuba gear

·         Share the campaign video and website with friends and family

You are even invited to start your own mini-Connect Cuba campaign. Contact us with your pledge to get at least 1000 signatures and raise funds for our “Internet without Internet” project. Raising awareness is one of our most powerful weapons in the fight for freedom. Once people know about what is going on in Cuba, they can join us and know how to help people in Cuba.

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