Here in the US, citizens take for granted the fact that government exists for their benefit and protection, and that it will always protect their basic human rights. In fact, we don’t even think twice about our freedom to travel, to speak openly, to associate with whomever we want, to write and publish material, or even to surf the Internet. Those are simply daily activities that we participate in without having to request permission or fear persecution.

However, in Cuba the situation is quite different. The government and military are very oppressive and do not allow basic human rights to be realized. If you’re looking for a Cuban fund for nonviolence to show your support of the Cuban people, then you’re probably already aware of all of the following human rights violations taking place in this island nation.

Because of strict censorship and repression of any kind of political dissent, the Cuban government is continuing to:

  • Take political prisoners whenever dissent arises that threatens the current political regime

  • Enforce detentions, beatings or even exile to rid the country of those who are politically outspoken

  • Restrict travel to ensure that Cubans remain in isolation from the rest of the world and are not able to exchange thoughts and ideas with others

  • Restrict Internet access for the same purpose listed above

Pursuing Change in Peace

There are activists in Cuba who prefer to retaliate against this unjust system through violent means. But this method has achieved very little in the past and has always resulted in harsh consequences for participants. Nonviolent protesters and human rights activists certainly also face persecution, but here at the FHRC, we promote and support a Cuban fund for nonviolence and believe this is the going to be the best route to promote change within the country.

cuban fund for nonviolence

There are many brave groups and individuals throughout the country who are making great strides, in their own small ways, towards political freedom. Our mission is to partner with these activist, who are already involved in impactful work on the ground level.

Our Cuban fund for nonviolence can accomplish the following:

  • Help Cuban communities rebuild the cultural aspects that make them unique and that have been repressed by years of political oppression

  • Offer assistance and aid to Cubans in distress and who are facing extreme poverty – also a result of years of corruption in government

  • Provide medical relief, training workshops and travel funds for human rights activists who are standing in the gap for their fellow Cuban citizens

If you would like to partner with us in achieving these worthy goals and assisting Cuban civil society in its effort to attain true freedom, there are a few easy ways you can help. You can donate to our general fund -a Cuban fund for nonviolence – to support the various projects we have going on around Cuba. We also invite you to check out our Connect Cuba campaign specifically and give directly to the cause of free Internet for Cubans. Lastly, remember to tell others about what you’ve learned. Increasing awareness of the human rights violations happening in Cuba today is one of our primary goals!

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