The citizens of Cuba do not have the same basic freedoms that residents of other free countries around the world enjoy every day. Our Cuba social change organization is working to change that.

The executive branch of the Cuban government is the branch that controls and determines all institutional structures and laws and all forms of traditional media are also owned by the government, which means that political and social activists are not free to express their opinion without fear of imprisonment or forced exile.

Cuban locals who want to get online have extremely restricted access to the Internet, which is closely monitored by the government. Not only is access to the Internet limited, but it is very expensive, making it virtually unattainable for most Cubans. These are just a few of the areas in which the Cuban people experience a lack of freedom in their daily lives.

Our Cuba Social Change Organizationcuba social change organization

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is a Cuban social change organization that has been active since 1992, working towards a free and democratic Cuban society. We promote using nonviolent methods to empower greater independence in the nation. We communicate with and support many civic activists and human rights defenders, who are currently working in Cuba. Our Cuban social change organization is also active in the rest of the international community to raise awareness, send funds, and effectively support real change in Cuba. We believe that the Cuban people should be free and enjoy full access to human rights, such as:

  • freedom of speech

  • freedom of assembly

  • freedom of press

Pursuing Change

Though there are many Cuba social change organizations out there making a difference, we are passionately pursuing our goal of a nonviolent transition to a free and democratic Cuba. In order to achieve this dream, we seek to enhance local awareness within Cuba about nonviolent activism and why it is the best solution. We also facilitate local civic training, send communication equipment, manuals, and financial support. Our foundation also creates awareness and documents any human rights violations we find in order to show the world what is going on in Cuba today.

The Cuban people is simply not being granted their basic human rights. Censorship abounds and the Cuban people are restricted in their ability to speak against the government publicly, publish freely, or even access the Internet without being monitored. Journalists are only allowed to share information that is favorable towards the government and foreign journalists are often denied access into the country. These are just a few of the reasons why Cuba needs to change.

Connect Cuba

Our Connect Cuba campaign is active in order to empower Cuban civil society with free and unrestricted Internet access. This allows Cuban residents to communicate freely with the rest of the world, something they cannot do right now. Many people ask how they can help and we have a few available ways for you to show your support. Here is what you can do right now:

·         Donate funds to help send technology to Cuba to give the gift of communication

·         Sign our petition in support of Cuba

·         Share our campaign with all your friends

·         Purchase a variety of Connect Cuba merchandise

The proceeds of that merchandise all goes towards Connect Cuba’s “Internet without Internet” program, providing civil society with the resources they need, including flash drives, computers, smart phones, and other technologies to share open, uncensored information with each other, and the world. Our Cuba social change organization can’t do it on our own. We need your help! Visit our website to find out more information on the current situation in Cuba.

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