The laws in Cuba are limiting to the natural rights of freedom of expression, association, movement, assembly, and even the freedom of speech in the press. Due process is also frequently denied, leading many to feel that current Cuban law is oppressive and unethical. Cuba may have been declared a “free” and independent nation on May 20, 1902, but many feel the Cuban people are not truly free. In fact, they are being oppressed by their own government, causing Cuban Human rights topics to come to the worlds attention.

Many organizations, including the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, are attempting to bring awareness to the people of Cuba and to the world, document human rights violations when they do happen, and provide humanitarian aid when needed. There are many individuals who are committed to achieving true freedom for the Cuban people and won’t stop until they are able to speak, assemble, and associate without the fear of punishment.

Cuban Human Rights Topics

There are many subtopics that fall under the general issue of Cuban human rights:cuba human rights topics

·         Health

·         Communication & Information

·         Due Process

·         Access to Resources

·         Travel/Immigration

·         Education

·         Work

·         Privacy

All these areas are all related to Cuban human rights topics in one way or another. Each of these topics can impact everyday life for the average Cuban citizen and the violation of human rights occurs prolifically within all of these categories.

Within the country, political repression, censorship, restrictions of assembly, and a host of other unfair laws are still in play to this day. For example, those who disagree with the current politically governing party are prohibited from meeting in large groups. Many groups are calling for major reform in the areas of health care, rights for women, religious freedom, unjust laws for prisoners and criminals, and many other categories.   

Bringing Awareness

Bringing awareness is the first step to fighting any injustice. Documenting and recording violations can help spread the word to others around the world. We believe that nonviolent activism will be the key to effectively changing this nation. The FHRC promotes collaboration with any international or on-island nongovernment organizations to help provide necessary expertise and resources to continue fighting for justice for all. Documenting cases and situations of human rights violations is essential to spreading awareness about the many Cuban human rights topics.

Bringing Aid

Humanitarian aid is another piece of the puzzle and often supplements an awareness campaign. Once people around the world know about what’s going on, they can send their support through their physical presence, financial support, or donations of whatever aid is necessary. The people of Cuba deserve the same level of freedom that free nations all around the world enjoy. And for that to happen, the world must take note of the current oppression and take action against it.

Taking Action Now

After reading about the human rights violations in Cuba, you may be ready to take action as soon as possible. The good news is that you can! Our Connect Cuba campaign is seeking to achieve freedom of the Internet for citizens. Did you know that Cuba is currently one of the most censored and least connected countries in the world? The government has put tight restrictions on access to the web and it is currently used mostly by the military to slander activists and intimidate the public.

Connect Cuba

However, there is hope. Read all about the “Internet without Internet” movement that is working underground to share information, disperse content and realize freedom of expression for the Cuban people. FHRC is committed to supporting this effort and also is working for the ultimate release of government restrictions on Internet use altogether.

With just a few simple steps, you can make a big impact for the people of Cuba:

1. Visit our site.

2. Watch this video.

3. Sign the petition.

4. Share the video and the petition with friends!

5. Shop for Connect Cuba gear.

6. Donate today!

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