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By Dr. Santiago Emilio Marquez Frías

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Matamoros from the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology partook in the daily Granma television program transmitted to inform about the cholera epidemic in the province.

On Sunday, the number of patients treated in the province with diarrhea and vomiting was 227, totaling 9,780 when added to the informed number up to this date.

Of those patients seen on the 29th, there are 20 with suspected symptoms, from Manzanillo 18, Rio Cauto 1 and Media Luna 1.

There are no reports confirming patients with cholera that day and the total number continues to be 228.

The situation persists that there be no detailing of those hospitalized or of the breakdown of patients by hospital. As they had been doing, the information continues to be minimized and we expect that in short that information will amount to zero, meaning the situation has been totally controlled.

The presence of the cholera virus was found in a ditch in Mazanillo, on the street 12 de Agosto and actions for disinfecting the site are being realized.

The first secretary of the PCC in Manzanillo, Idel Marrero, made a visit to these vulnerable areas of the municipality such as: La Novilla, Pueblo Nuevo, San Felipe and Caimali to supervise that these measures are being carried out.

The telecenter Golfo Visión de Mananillo acknowledged that there is a shortage in water tanks for the people and that there are social complaints as a result.

Manzanillo, Granma July 30, 2012

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