In June 2012 we documented at least 427 arbitrary detentions for political reasons, a number slightly larger than the one recorded for the previous month.

A disquieting fact remains the unequivocally increasing trend of the so called “low intensity” political repression acts and the negative consequences, in terms of civil and political rights, derived from the arbitrary deprivation of personal freedom; their confinement in subhuman conditions in police stations, even if it was just for several hours or days; as well as their further abandonment at remote and desolate places.

In the recent month of June we documented more than double the number of detentions as those reported in the same period for 2011, and more than fourfold those verified in June 2010 (see Table).

Acts of political repression took place throughout the country as per the previous intimidating patterns, while repression is being continuously extended to the whole society.

As in previous months, there was no release of prisoners for political reasons.

Documented cases of short term arrests, for political reasons, since January 2010:

  YEAR 2010 YEAR 2011 YEAR 2012
January 117 268 631
February 235 390 604
March 83 264 1158
April 162 244 402
May 120 349 423
June 104 212 427
July 125 251  
August 184 243  
September 90 563  
October 310 286  
November 244 257  
December 300 796  


Havana, July 5, 2012.

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