With the young engineer Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela and his growing recognition by the international community, the situation in that country took an unexpected course of 180 degrees.  Raul Castro and the entire Cuban dictatorship are anxious as if a new missile crisis is on the way.  And is not far from the truth.

With this new scenario the battle against Venezuela’s dictatorship has entered a terminal stage. There is no possibility for a return to business as usual.  Maduro will fall no matter how hard the Cuban counterintelligence and military advisors in the field try to avoid the collapse.

Moscow, with a bullying anachronistic tone, “warns” the US to make sure not to intervene militarily, when Venezuela has been intervened by thousands of Cuban troops and officers years ago. President Guaido demanded to put an end to this intervention during a popular concentration of people last January 25rh.  Cuban officials are the ones that plan the repression and advise the murders of demonstrators in the streets of Venezuela, and for this reason the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has asked the US government to reinstate Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

All these events have shaken Raul Castro and his military Junta, which have ordered the state controlled media to silence what is really going on in Venezuela. The version for the Cubans is that the multitudinous demonstrations against Maduro were “a rally composed by some late-sleepers of the extreme right”.

The Castro panic is logical. From Venezuela they receive subsidies and oil.  Maduro is so submissive that, in the midst of the famine and the current Venezuelan crisis, has bought crude oil from Russia to send it to Havana.

Is estimated that more than half of all Cuban doctors, technicians and nurses sent abroad are now In Venezuela.  If you add the subsidies, commercial credits, and the free oil that the Cuban regime could lose, you’ll understand why the desperation of the Cuban power elite.

The Cubazuela project is finished

Ironically from now on, only the “Gusanera de Miami” and the “Yankee Empire” remain as reluctant patrons. Remittances, packages and trips to Cuba from the US, which in 2018 amounted to about US$ 7,000 millions. But the Trump Administration could also take additional executive steps regulating the sending of remittances and the travel of Americans to Cuba.

The paradox is that while the current situation excites the Venezuelans, on the island the ordinary citizen sees another “special period” on the horizon. However, Cubans have already learned that scarcity is caused by the obsolete regime of governance. It is the incapacity of that system that has generated the parasitic character of the Cuban economy.

While Venezuelans demand the end of communism in their country, Raul Castro wants to perpetuate it in Cuba with the “new” Constitution. Hence the strategic need, particularly at this juncture, formthis maneuver to be rejected. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba urge cubans to vote NO to that farce


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